Write a Paragraph about Victory day for class 1-10.


Write a Paragraph about Victory Day class 1-5 (100-150 word).

Victory Day

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh in the early
hours of March 26, 1971. Through a great liberation war, the people of this
country defeated the invading Pakistani army and achieved victory on 16
December 1971. Therefore, this day was defeated as ‘Victory Day’ in independent
sovereign Bangladesh. We got to this day after nine months of bloody war against
the barbaric Pakistani army.During the liberation war, the brave sons of our
country sacrificed their lives for freedom. They are the martyrs of the
liberation war. We are proud of their brave fight and supreme sacrifice. Victory
Day is a national day and every year we observe this day with honor and
dignity. I usually observe this day with great solemnity. I pray for the
departed souls of the martyrs.

Write a Paragraph about Victory D ay class 6-10 (250-300 words).

Victory Day

December 16, 1971, we won the independence war of Bangladesh. So December 16 is
our victory day. With pride and joy, we celebrate this day with national honor
every year with deep respect. Yahya Khan On the night of March 25, 1971, the
army pounced on innocent Bengalis to end Bengali independence. They captured
Bangabandhu and took him to West Pakistan. The people of Bengal are upset by
the attack of the Pakistani barbaric forces. Devastation is going on across the
country. The people of Bengal jumped into the freedom struggle for freedom.
After nine months of bloody war, on 16 December 1971, the sun of Bangladesh’s
independence rose with the surrender of the invading forces. This great day of
December 16 brings before us every year the memory of the struggle. Whenever Victory Day returns, the Bengali nation gets the impetus for a life of
struggle. Victory Day is celebrated every year with due state honors. On this
day, the national flag was hoisted in all public and private institutions. This
day is a public holiday. Various social and cultural organizations observe the
day through Shaivayatras, discussion meetings, seminars, sports events, etc.
Even though the liberation war was won with the determination to establish a
society free from exploitation, our expectations have not been fulfilled even
today. Every year, in real life, we forget the message that the ideology of
Victory Day conveys repeatedly to our Karnakuhar. In order to make the freedom
gained at the cost of many sacrifices meaningful, one must devote oneself to
the service of the country. Only then will the dreams of the martyred brothers
be fulfilled and their souls will find peace.


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