Write a letter to your friend compassion for him for being injured in a road accident.

letter writting

Ibrahimpur, Dhaka Cantt.


Dear Rahim,

I am very shocked to hear that you have been injured in a road accident. This morning, Razu, asked to say that you fell on a motorcycle. The right hand and right leg were extremely injured. I am very sorry to hear. I hope the injuries will not cause permanent damage to the body. Have you had X-rays done on your feet? What did the doctor say? If there is no good treatment there, then come to Chittagong quickly. My uncle is a sister-specialist at Chittagong Medical College. I will keep talking about you uncle, there will be no problem. Will come directly to our house. Don’t hesitate. I think there is nothing to fear. Now the medical system has improved a lot. You just need to go to the doctor on time. Hope you get well soon by the grace of the Most Merciful. You know our phone number. Call if necessary. I wish you a speedy recovery.

My greetings to your parents and love to the children. Ending here as today. Allah Hafez.

Your loving Friend

Abdullah Al Azad


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