Dr. Zakir Naik Biography, Biography, Education, Date of Birth and Details

Dr Jakir Naik

Dr. Zakir
Naik Biography, Biography, Education, Date of Birth and Details


Zakir Naik’s
full name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. He was born on 18 October 1965 in Mumbai,
India. He is an Indian Islamic thinker, missionary, speaker and writer who works
on Islam and comparative theology. He is the founder of Islamic Research
Foundation and the director and founder of Peace TV. Doctor Zakir Nayak is one
of the most influential people in the world. He is a patron of modern Islam and
is called the world’s top local Islamic preacher.

In personal
life he also started as a doctor, but from 1991 he concentrated on preaching
Islam and published pamphlets on Islam and comparative religions. Many search
for detailed information including life story of Dr. Zakir Naik. So today we
will discuss the life story of world famous missionary Doctor Zakir Naik in
detail in this article.


and Personal Information of Dr. Zakir Naik


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to know more about the life theory of Dr. Zakir Naik, then you can find it from
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Full name:
Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik

Screen Name:
Zakir Naik

Age Now: 55
years (as on 2020)

Place of
Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Address: Malaysia (Permanent Resident)

Indian flag

Flag of
Saudi Arabia

President, Public Speaker.


In Meters:
1.73 m

Weight: in
Kilograms: 70 kg

Skin Color:

Hair Color:

Name: Abdul Karim Naik (Physician by Profession)


Sister Name:
Naila Naushad Noorani

Wife Name:
Farhat Naik

Son: Fariq

Deedat Plus

Date of
Birth: 18 October 1965




Saudi Arabia


Active: 1991–Present

Height: 5’8″

In Pounds:
154 lbs

Eye Color:

Family and

Name: Not Disclosed

Name: Mohammad Naik

Status: Married

Children: 2

Rushda Naik

Biography of
Doctor Zakir Naik

Doctor Zakir
Naik’s full name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. He was born on eighteen October
1865 in urban center, geographical region, India. However he was a student of
St. Peter’s high-school in urban center. He studied at Kishinchand Chellaram
faculty. Then he was admitted to Topiwala National Medical faculty and Hospital
on drugs. He then managed to get a Bachelor of medication Surgery or MBBS
degree from the University.

He then
devoted himself to the work of spreading Islam in 991 and supported IR. Dr.
Naik’s partner Farhat Naik works within the women’s wing of the Moslem analysis

Doctor Zakir
Naik Hazar met Ahmed Didat in 987 and was galvanized by him to target preaching
the faith. He supported the Moslem International collage in urban center and
also the United Moslem Eight to supply scholarships to poor and needy Muslim

Dr. Zakir
Nayak describes the Moslem analysis Foundation’s web site Peace TV because the
maker and philosophical actuation. He’s the founding father of the Islami
Foundation and founding father of the enlargement.

At a
conference in 2016 World Health Organization claimed to be a non-registered
Indian or AN Indian living abroad for over half the year. He’s presently living
in Bali with permanent citizenship.

Who is Doctor
Zakir Naik?

Doctor Zakir
Nayak could be a Muslim national of Indian origin and could be a doctor by
profession. However, he targeted on mission in 1991 and until currently he’s
preaching and gaining fame as a sermonizer. He’s the founding father of the
Moslem Foundation and also the founding father of Peace TV. Dr. Zakir Nayak,
known as AN Moslem commentator and announcer in Republic of India, is that the
89th most personage in Republic of India in 2010.


What is the
name of Doctor Zakir Naik’s wife?

Doctor Zakir
Naik’s wife’s name is Farhat Naik. She works within the women’s wing of the
Moslem analysis Foundation.

Where is Dr.
Zakir Naik’s house?

Zakir Abdul
Karim Naik was born on eighteen October 1965 in urban center, geographical
region, India.

Where is Doctor
Zakir Naik now?

Dr. Zakir
Naik is currently a permanent resident of Asian country andd is functioning as
a Moslem sermonizer by collaborating in varied Moslem analysis Foundations
round the world.

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