Best weight loss diet chart for girls

Weight loss

Weight loss

Nowadays most are disturbed concerning increasing weight. Weight gain not solely spoils your figure however additionally causes several diseases in your body. In things wherever individuals need to be slim and assume each morning what to try and do to turn. initial of all, it’s vital to stay in mind that even as your weight can bit by bit increase over the years, thus can your weight loss bit by bit over the years. We tend to all get upset after we gain weight, generally we do not match our favourite garments any longer and generally individuals have to be compelled to hear varied harsh words, except for these reasons we must always not assume that we must always turn in any respect, however we must always turn to remain healthy.

Best Weight Loss Diet Chart for Girls Diet chart 2022

Weight gain can cause various problems. For example, if there is excess fat in the body, there is a risk of heart attack and stroke, there may be high blood pressure. In addition, multiple diseases such as shortness of breath, type-two diabetes may occur due to excess weight. So keeping weight under control is very important to stay healthy and for that you need the best diet chart for women to lose weight.

Bengali food culture

Bengali means foodie, yes Bengali loves to eat a little. Veto Bengalis do not eat properly if they do not have fish with rice in the afternoon. Be it any festival, event or Sunday holiday, you will find the smell of fried food, fish, meat in the menu of Bengali house. These three things are very much associated with Bengali food.

Bengali cooking

Bengali cuisine has many delicious dishes like dal, rice, sukto, mochar ghant, enghor shrimp, dub shrimp, meat jhal, patal dolma, chital fish muithya, telkai, daikatla. But taking care of the body, even if you eat these sometimes, you should always remember about a healthy diet.

Sweet love of Bengali

Sweet curds, rasgolla, sandesh and many more cover a large part of a foodie Bengali’s life. Take sandesh, which is made with chickpeas and sugar, where chickpeas are good for health but sugar is not. 1 piece of sandesh contains 188 calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should completely remove sweets from your daily food list.

Bengali female diet plan for weight loss

Bengali women diet plan should remember to follow the diet chart daily and drink at least 8-12 glasses of water daily. Exercise for 30 minutes every day. And excess oil, spicy food, fried food, first food, cold-drink must be completely avoided.

Chart of diet plan for weight loss

Morning Breakfast: Oats or Conflax, boiled egg

Before the Lunch: A fruit (watermelon / apple)

Lunch: One bowl of rice / two flour breads, dal, vegetables or fish, raita

Evening: In the afternoon salad / healthy chaat with curd.

Dinner: 1 flour bread at night, light vegetable/soup.

In addition to following this diet chart to lose weight in seven days, black tea, green tea, black coffee can be consumed occasionally.

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