Write a letter for press releases seeking remedies for excessive load shedding in the area.

Informal letter

Date: May 20, 2021


Daily morning paper

50 Mymensingh Road,

Karwanbazar, Dhaka-1000.

Subject: Request for publication of public interest despatch in the Correspondence column.


I would be obliged to publish the letter sent to resolve the problem of power outage in the area in your edited and widely circulated National Daily Bhorer Kagi.


Aminul Islam

Urgent Remedy for Load shedding / Power Supply

Mehendiganj in the Barisal district is an area rich in significant industries. These industries require very little electricity. However, there are 5/6 hours of lead shedding every day for a few months. As a result, extreme conditions are created in the production system. Production in factories has decreased at an alarming rate compared to earlier. If this situation continues, there will be no way to close the factories. As a result of lead shedding, not only the businessmen are affected, but the education of the students is also endangered. Students who are used to studying under electric light are suffering greatly in their studies due to frequent load shedding. An organized cycle with opportunities for regular light-shedding is leading to robberies in the dark.

In this situation, for the sake of national production and for the healthy and normal life of the people, we are drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to take measures for normal power supply in our area as soon as possible.

the applicant

Tariqul Islam,

Mehendiganj, Barisal for residents


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