Biography of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimer Putin

Who is Vladimir Putin?

The name Vladimir Putin is known to every civilized person. We know him as the great president of Russia. There is probably only one person in the world today who can beat Israel and America. But beyond all this, how is he as a person? We don’t know much about his family life, what his childhood was like – etc. Today’s article is written to better know the known things, and to know the unknown things.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is one of the few leaders in today’s world who have the courage to act completely on their own and lead the country in their own way. While the rest of the world fears America and its allies, Putin gives them the thumbs up to solve his country’s internal and external problems with his own judgment. With his determined and strong personality and sharp intellect, he has curbed the corruption and dishonesty of Russian politicians and government officials. America is carrying out operations in Syria with ashes.

Even though the western media doesn’t accept it like that, he is hugely popular in his country and that popularity is spreading beyond the borders of the country day by day. He is still suppressing with a heavy hand all the resistance that has been raised against him by Western provocations. He served as the Prime Minister of Russia for two terms. And served as the country’s president for two terms. After being elected to the Precinct for the second time in 2012, he is still faithfully performing that duty and playing an important role in solving various problems in Russia and the world.

More than eighty percent of his country love, support and want to see him as their ruler. It is said that Putin has a hand in winning against all odds as America’s president. Without Putin’s help, Trump would never have become America’s patient. Despite detractors, it is a testament to Putin’s power.

Vladimir Putin is considered by many to be the most powerful person in the world today. Let’s know today how Putin, born as the son of a security guard, turned into a man of Russia and became one of the most powerful players in world politics.


Although born with all the virtues and character traits of growing up, Putin was severely mischievous and inattentive to studies as a child. As a child he had to wear a kind of bridle. But one realization brought about a great change in him which was the first step of a historic journey. Let us go through the steps of that journey one by one.

Recalling his upbringing, Putin once said – “I came from a very ordinary family. (As a child of a normal family) spent most of my life. I myself have led the life of a normal common man – and have always maintained that.”

Vladimir ‘Vladimirovich’ Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, Soviet Union, to a very ordinary family.

Putin’s mother, Maria Shilomova, was an incredibly kind and soft-hearted person. Putin comments on his mother’s cooking – “We lived very simply. (Our menu consisted of) cabbage soup, cutlets and pancakes. But on Sundays and festivals, my mother used to make very delicious stuffed buns (pirozki) with cabbage, meat and rice, accompanied by custard.”

Many know that former KGB agent Putin is a judo blackbelt. He began training in Judo when he was a teenager, and Maria initially disliked his son’s practice of ‘fighting’. Recalling that, Putin once said – “Whenever I would go out for juto training, my mother would grumble, ‘Oh, my son is fighting again’ – but the day my judo coach came to my house and told my parents (of learning judo) he What you have done and what you have achieved – then everything changes. My family’s attitude towards this ‘game’ of mine changed.”

Vladimir Putin’s father Vladimir Putin was a warrior in his early life. 1950s – When Putin was born, he worked as a security guard, later as a foreman in transportation. According to Putin – “My father was born in 1911 in St. Petersburg. After the outbreak of World War I, food shortages and living conditions became increasingly difficult in St. Petersburg. That’s why the whole family (of my father) moved to the village of Pominovo in Tver, Russia, which was my grandmother’s ancestral village. Interestingly, my relatives still visit my grandparents’ house for vacations. My parents met in Pominovo and got married at the age of 17.”

School Life:

During most of his school life, Vladimir was nicknamed: “the naughty boy of the class”. From 1960 to 1968, Vladimir was a student at a local primary school in Leningrad. After passing the eighth grade, he left primary school and enrolled in high school. The high school was a technical education center with special emphasis on chemistry. Putin passed by here in 1970. But for several years after entering school, Putin was known more as a “naughty boy” than a good student. According to his own words – “I was always late for first class. Even on a winter day, I couldn’t get into a proper school dress.”

However, a teacher, Vera Gurevich, could see potential in this mischievous boy. Reminiscing about the beloved student, Gurevich said – “When he was a fifth grader, although he didn’t know himself yet, I saw potential, strength and a good character in him. I saw a great interest in language in him. He could catch everything very easily. He had a great memory and a quick mind. I thought this boy would do great things, so I decided to be more attentive to him, to keep him away from the street boys as much as possible.”


Up until the 6th grade, Putin had little interest in education. But his teacher, Vera, realized that he could do much better if he wanted to, and it was possible for him to get much better grades. Vera Putin’s father met Putin Sr. to influence his son. It didn’t work, but by the time he was in the sixth grade, Putin suddenly became interested in learning on his own. According to Putin – “Other urgent matters began to appear before me. I was measuring myself (so far) by achieving something through sports. But I started to find more new purposes, and the impact (on me) was huge.”

In the sixth grade, Vladimir decided that he needed to achieve something big in life, from then on he began to achieve good results, which was quite easy for him. He also took the opportunity to join the “Young Pioneers Organization” – an organization similar to the Scouts of our country. Almost immediately after joining this organization, he became a leader among his fellow pioneers.

Regarding his attitude at the time, Putin said – “It became clear to me that being a normal good student was not enough (to grow up), so I started participating in sports. But even that didn’t seem like enough to keep my dignity, I’m talking about the long term. I realized I had to do well in my studies too.”

Higher Education: (Llingrad University and KGB School):

Spidey’s life is just like action movie heroes. Constantly serving the country with life in hand. To thwart all the plots of the enemies against the country. Stories of spies or spies’ great exploits fascinated Putin as a child.Before finishing school, Putin decided that he would work for intelligence. While in high school, he attended a public reception at a branch of the KGB and learned how to become a spy. He finds out that he either needs to serve in the military, or he needs to have a college degree, preferably in law. In this context, Putin commented – “From that moment (the moment of being searched in the KGB) I started preparing to enter the law department of Leningrad State University.”

In 1970, Vladimir entered the Law Department of Leningrad University. There were 100 students in his class and only ten, including Putin, were fresh out of high school. All others had completed military service. 400 students appeared for these 10 seats. Putin passed with the highest marks in all subjects, except for essays with four out of five.

Expressing his attitude after starting to study at the university, Putin said – “When I started studying at the university, new goals and new ideas were born in me. I started giving more importance to studies and sports became a second choice. But I continued my training regularly, and, quite out of habit, participated in competitions across the country.”

Career Start:

Putin joined Russia’s National Security Agency shortly after graduating from university to fulfill his dream of serving the country as a spy. He began his career in Intelligence as Assistant to the Director. Later he was transferred to Counter Intelligence. He worked for five months in the Counter Intelligence Branch. After about six months of working in intelligence, he was sent to several operations and retraining courses. He then returned to Counter Intelligence and worked in that department for another six months.

During his second stint in counterintelligence, he attracted the attention of foreign intelligence officials. He was sent to Moscow for special training. After spending a year there, he returned to Leningrad, where he worked for about four and a half years in the main KGB branch.

He then returned to Moscow and trained for his German campaign at the “Andropov Red Banner Institute (also known as “KGB School Number One)”.

Vladimir Putin’s Marriage:

It’s hard to imagine a man as serious and strong as Putin falling in love, but he fell in love with a young woman named Ludmila in the early eighties. Putin met Lyudmila Skarybeneva through a friend of his. Lyudmila was working as a flight attendant for a government airline and had come to Leningrad for three days with a friend.

Recalling her romance with Putin, Lyudmila said, “There was something about Vladimir that attracted me. Within three-four months I knew I needed this man.” Ludmila understood within three-four months, but after three years of acquaintance, Putin proposed marriage to Ludmila. “I knew if I didn’t get married in two or three years, I might never get married. I was really used to the bachelor life but that changed when Ludmila came into my life.” On July 28, 1983, Putin and Lyudmila got married. Their thirty year marriage ended in divorce in 2013.


After two years of marriage, in 1985, Vladimir and Ludmila’s eldest daughter Maria was born. Their second daughter Katrina was born the following year. Katrina was born in Diesden, Germany.

Both of Putin’s daughters are named after their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Maria (Putin’s mother) Ekaterina (Ludmila’s mother).

Germany Chapter:

1985 to 1990 – During these five years, Putin worked as a Russian agent in East Germany. While serving in Germany, he was promoted first to lieutenant colonel and then again to chief assistant to the division chief. In 1989 he was awarded the medal and honors payable to Russian agents working in the German Republic as a reward for his selfless service to the “National People’s Army”.

Putin’s words in this context – “My work was going unexpectedly well. It’s normal to get promoted once while working abroad, but I got promoted twice!”

Moscow and the Prime Ministership:

Putin moved to Moscow with his family in 1996 after being offered the position of assistant head of the National Assets Management Administration. From then on his career began to rocket upwards. In March 1997, he was simultaneously appointed as the Assistant Chief of Staff of the Administrative Office of the President and Chief of the Chief Comptroller’s Office. Despite being so busy with work, he also found time to work on his doctoral thesis in economics. In May 1998, he was promoted to Chief of Staff of the Office of the President, and in July of that year he was appointed Director of the Federal Security Service. Since March 1999, he has been the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

In August of the same year, he was appointed as the Prime Minister of the Russian government. The then President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, personally recommended Putin for the post. According to Putin himself – “Mr. Yeltsin called me to meet him and offered me the post of Prime Minister. He did not use the word ‘successor’ even once in that conversation but talked about being a ‘potential prime minister’. He said if everything goes well, it (becoming prime minister) is very possible.”

He described his thoughts on becoming Prime Minister as follows – “I thought at that time, if I could get through it for a good year, that would be a good start. If I can do something to save Russia from collapse, that will be something to be proud of.”

The acting President of the Russian Federation is Vladimir Putin:

Shortly before the New Year celebrations of 2000, then Russian President Boris Yeltsin called Putin once more and offered him the role of interim president. Recalling that day, Putin said, “Two weeks before the New Year, Mr. Yeltsin called me into his office and told me that he had decided to resign.” Which meant I had to act as interim president.”


Putin became president-elect on March 26, 2000, shortly after taking over as interim president. He was sworn in as President on 7 May of that year. In his first address to the nation after taking oath, he said – “We all have one goal. We all want Russia to be a free, developed, prosperous, strong and civilized country. A country that its citizens will be proud of and a country that will earn the respect of the whole world. It may not always be possible to avoid mistakes. But what I can promise, and I promise, is that I will act with honesty and integrity.”

President and Prime Minister of Russia in second term:

On March 4, 2004, Putin was re-elected as President of Russia after achieving great national and international success in his first term and great popularity among ordinary Russians.

On May 8, 2008, Putin was appointed as the Prime Minister of Russia for the second time.On September 5, 2011, Putin announced that by the 2011–12 school year, teacher salaries would be at least equal to the highest average salary for each region’s economy. He oversees this matter personally.


The Western media, however, prefers to sing his infamy, as Putin shares in their monopoly. But he is a hero to the people of the country. According to them, Putin has restored Russia to its lost glory, once again transforming the country into a mighty superpower. Mieye has reined in the pace of Westernization of world power by once again strengthening Russia’s international influence. The hope of the common people of Russia is that Russia will once again rule the world with the hands of Putin. Putin will run again in Russia’s upcoming presidential election – and the Russian people will almost certainly put their favorite leader back in power.


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