A short essay on The Internet and Today’s World in about 500 words.

The Internet and Today's World

The Internet and Today’s World


The Internet is the latest communication technology in today’s world. The Internet has revolutionized the field of information technology. Through the Internet, people are able to provide all the information including pictures from one end of the world to the other in an instant. From this point of view, the Internet can be called a ‘massive networking system’. Thanks to the contribution of the Internet, what was impossible in terms of communication a century ago is now possible in the blink of an eye.

Development of the Internet:

In 1969, the United States Defense Force was the first to use the Internet. Initially, only the United States Department of Defense used this Internet system for their research purposes. At that time NSF took over the Internet. NSF provides internet technical support. US Department of Defense computer scientists built the first internal communications system out of just 4 computers. It had three computers. In California, there was one in ‘Utai’. The name of this communication system was ‘Cabernet’. What followed was just an amazing success story. After three years, the Japanese had to change its name. The number of computers then increased from four to thirty-three. It is named Apernet. The purpose of which was to exchange scientific information to prevent a nuclear attack. In the 1970s and 1980s, many other research institutes and universities in the United States joined the network. As the demand grew, in 1984, the US National Science Foundation launched another such communication system for the general public. It is named “Nesphenate”. Within three years, Nesfenate spread across the world. And then the need arises to build a central network. This network was established at the beginning of the nineties of the last century. People of the world are familiar with a new concept called ‘Internet’.

Internet System in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh started using the Internet on November 11, 1993. At that time internet service was started offline. Notable among these are Adviser, Chart, Tap, Agra, System, Bdmail, Bdnet, and Aurora-1. All the resources of the vast world of information could not be used through these institutions as they were connected offline. It was not possible to do anything except downloading (receive mail) and upload (send mail) e-mail. In this case, customers used to exchange mail with the service provider from their computers through communication software with the help of modems and telephone lines.

 The service provider used to send the ISD several times a day to the computer connected to the telecommunication cable. At the same time, the emails coming to the customers were downloaded. As no communication has been established between the mentioned six organizations, one organization’s customer is another organization couldn’t send e-mails directly to customers. Information sent by one of them would travel around the world and reach another customer. But after the introduction of online services, all communication barriers are removed. Bangladesh has been able to enter the vast world of online internet services. ISN (Information Services Network) launched the first online internet through the launch of VSAT on June 4, 1996, followed by Grameen Cyber ​​Net, U Online, BRAC, BDMAIL, PRADESHTA NET, AGNI SYSTEM, is, etc. A total of 12 companies are working as internet service providers. Recently connected with SEA-ME-WE 4 and 5 optical highways, the people of Bangladesh can communicate easily with the world. However, the number of internet users in Bangladesh is so small. did not get According to the United Nations Information and Communication Technology Development Index 2016 report, the number of actual Internet users in Bangladesh is less than 10 percent. In addition, in the report of ‘Affordability Report 2017’, it has been mentioned that Bangladesh ranks 46th among the 58 developing countries in the world.

Importance of the Internet:

Many impossible things are being made possible today through communication networks. From sending and receiving information to chatting with people from all over the world, conferences, education, marketing, office management, entertainment, etc. are being done with the help of the internet. With the development of multimedia, its possibilities are increasing every day. A person from Bangladesh can enjoy an open-air concert in New York through the Internet. A patient in Bangladesh can consult a doctor in London. It is becoming possible to buy goods from one country through a credit card. The Internet is providing more support to scientists in space research. Apart from this, the Internet has many uses including e-mail. The reality is that the Internet today is closely intertwined with the world’s communication system.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

Internet usage has advantages as well as some disadvantages. There is a class of people who accept evil more than good. Many people watch various pornographic and raunchy scenes on the internet

wasting time We want specific policies to protect the youth from this degradation. Although the government has made laws to prevent the misuse of information technology.


The Internet is an essential means of communication in today’s world. Through this, people’s life has become much easier. Currently, the Bangladesh government has made the import of computers completely tax-free, and the popularity of the Internet has increased a lot. Internet Committee has been formed in Bangladesh to popularize the Internet. To accelerate the development of the country, the use of the internet should be made available to all.


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