Write a Paragraph about Environment Pollution for class 1-10


Paragraph Environment Pollution

Write a Paragraph about Environment Pollution for class 1-5 (100-150 word)

The environment we live in is getting polluted every moment. As the population increases, the number of factories and vehicles increases. They cause air pollution by producing large amounts of toxic fumes and carbon monoxide. Even the land we walk on is polluted with garbage. Water is polluted through industrial waste, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. Cutting down forests and trees. And thus the environmental balance is disturbed. Noise comes from cars, airplanes, household appliances, etc. They cause noise pollution. Which is no less harmful than other pollutants. Although we cannot be completely free from pollution, we can reduce and control it to a large extent. We have to take necessary effective steps to control it. I think it is necessary to create awareness among people about different types of pollution to reduce pollution. Abundant planting of trees is a prerequisite for reducing air pollution and maintenance of effective sewage systems can also reduce water pollution to a large extent. Primarily vehicles should be controlled and noise generated from radios, televisions etc. should be tolerated. should be kept in moderation. Above all, efforts should be made to protect the environment from pollution by maintaining balance with nature.

Write a Paragraph about Environment Pollution for class 6-10 (200-250 word)

Although the evolution of civilization, people have defeated nature and developed their own environment. Modern civilization has been built as a result of various gifts of nature, human intelligence and continuous work. But today people are laughing at nature by denying its gifts. Due to the carelessness and greed of people, the environment is getting badly polluted. Environmental pollution is mainly caused by two reasons. One is natural causes, such as storms, floods, floods, eruptions, earthquakes, etc. And the second is man-made which is artificial, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution etc. Industrial waste, toxic fumes of vehicles etc. are polluting the environment. Due to the burning of various fossil fuels, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. The world’s rivers, seas, ponds, canals are getting polluted every day. Waste from factories, chemicals used in crop fields etc. are making the water toxic. Soil pollution is increasing due to unplanned urbanization, littering, use of toxic chemicals on land etc. Moreover, loud car horns, excessive use of microphones, loud noises of factory machinery etc. are the main causes of noise pollution. All in all, environmental pollution has become widespread at present. Pollution levels are even worse in third world countries like Bangladesh. As a result of environmental pollution, the climate of the world is changing. The global temperature is constantly increasing due to the greenhouse effect. The prevalence of various chronic diseases is increasing. The world’s environment is under threat today mainly due to pollution. Our awareness is key to protecting the environment. There is no alternative to make all modern facilities, including factories, vehicles, environment-friendly. Reduce the use of fossil fuels and find renewable energy sources to ensure their proper use. The environment should be filled with greenery by planting lots of trees. Besides, public awareness activities should be conducted to prevent environmental pollution. It should be remembered that if the natural environment suitable for living is lost, it will be impossible for all organisms including humans to survive on earth. Therefore, everyone should be vigilant so that the environment is not polluted.


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