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Flood in Bangladesh

The unusual swelling of water that overflows the banks of the rivers is called a flood. A flood is a natural calamity. It is a great devil for us Bangladesh, being a low-lying riparian country, falls victim to floods almost every year.

Due to excessive rainfall, when rivers and canals overflow their banks and make a huge loss to crops and property, it is called a flood.

The causes of floods are many. Heavy showers of rain are the main cause of floods. Cyclone, Farakka barrage, and melting of snows are also responsible for this.

We are unfortunate that Bangladesh falls a victim to floods almost 1988 and 1998, as the most terrible in all respects. The flood of 1998 broke all the records of the past. Never before did the water level rise so high, nor was the duration soling. The whole country went underwater. The miseries of the flood-stricken people knew no bounds. The life and living of more than six cores of people were gripped in distress. Besides, more than two core and fifty lacks people became shelterless. Again, more than 75% of the crops were damaged. Thousands of people died. All the economic activities of the country came to a standstill.

The flood washes away our cattle and food grains. It washes away villages, roads, and even houses of the people. Many human lives are lost. All the communication is suspended. People become homeless. They take shelter on the high roads, schools, and colleges.

All the houses become muddy and unhealthy. People do not get pure drinking water. Cholera, typhoid, and many other fatal diseases are broken out.

Flood does some good to us. It makes our lands fertile by depositing silt. Rivers and canals are also full of fish. It washes away our dirt and filth.

The Government should take measures to check it. Every person wants a good solution to this serious problem. The Government and none govt. Organizations, as well as conscious people, can play a vital role in this regard.

Flood causes a huge loss to our country every year. So we must control floods at any cost.

Flood In Bangladesh Or, A Natural Calamity Of Bangladesh.


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