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Acid Throwing

Acid throwing is a serious crime. Acid throwing is one of the most heinous activities in our country. Nowadays, it is going to be out of control.

Almost every day we find the news of acid throwing in all the newspapers of our country. In our male-led society, it is seen that women and children are the worst victims of acid throwing. This incident takes place due to reasons. One is family enmity and another one is the rejection of love. If two families fall into enmity on different issues, often one of them through acid on the women and children of the opponent side. Again, if any youth is rejected in his love by the girl he loves, he also may throw acid on the girl.

The effect of acid throwing is dangerous. Our government should take punitive action against the acid throwers. Acid throwing damages not only a person’s body or face, but it destroys his or her dream, a possibility, and a life.

Understanding the psychology of an acid thrower is important to prevent this crime. An acid thrower should be made to realize that he can be a victim of acid violence and in that case, his own life would be unbearable to himself. The acid criminal should be boycotted socially and brought to exemplary punishment. Mass media can play a vital role in this respect by publishing regular features and broadcasting various programs. Social vigilance and familial watch can prevent this crime to a great extent.

Hopefully, different private organizations, women’s organizations, and NGOs have come forward to prevent acid violence and raise awareness among people. As a result, the case rate is decreasing. Guardians, parents, and influential persons can play important roles in solving the feuds and quarrels before the incident happens.


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