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Picnic with Family


The series of examinations made my brain bored with long hours of study and that I badly needed a trip with my family. As for my family, they too had not been gone for any outing for the past few years and hence, after the last exam, I called up my aged uncle who lives in another city and ask him to return over together with his family. It had been time for a family picnic where parents and youngsters could meet for a reunion and spend daily happily.

Deciding the Place

While my little nephew and niece jumped for the watermark, my cousin concerning town necropolis and also the elders wanted to travel to the riverside picnic spot. Finally, my sister-in-law and I suggested the countryside farm where my cousin could enjoy photography, kids could interact with domestic animals and oldsters could explore the farm. Everyone jumped in unison and that I called the farm owner to substantiate our picnic visit the day after.

The Journey

Waking up early and preparing for the picnic outing, we finally started in our car. The owner verified our visit that day and prescribed the route to be taken to achieve his farm. My mother and aunt had packed breakfast for us, which was finished in no time. We took the sideways path from the well-paved city highway that led us to the outskirts where the farm is situated. The pasture fields on either side of the road and the country cottages kept us charmed until we reached the farm.

The Farm and also the Picnic

The cheerful old owner was standing ahead of the gate to greet us, and his friendliness immediately made all people comfortable. He escorted us to the country cottage, where the brick fireplace made us feel cozy. They served us homemade cakes and pieces of bread before he took us to the petting farm.

My nephew and niece were screaming in joy seeing the massive cocks and hens, rabbits, cows, buffalo, ponies, and horses roaming about freely. The owner also gave us grains to feed the birds and grass to feed the animals. The simplest part however was the horse rides, which the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed.

My uncle and father remained with the youngsters and animals, while my mother and aunt were busy within the barn kitchen preparing lunch. Meanwhile, I, my cousin and sister-in-law accompanied the owner, had a glance at his vast farm where he grew sunflowers, grapes, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, and radishes.

As it was the season, he allows us to pick the vegetables and grapes to bring back home, additionally to use them for lunch specials with eggs and meat dishes got from the farm only. After having a scrumptious lunch together on the big table, all people interacted with the owner, took a walk around the farm, and fondled the animals before starting for home with a relaxed and stress-free mind.


Although meeting the relatives regularly isn’t possible, because of our tight schedules, but a fast plan for a picnic brought all folks together to possess endless chitchats, have food together, and visit a brand-new place together. The day ended with an important heart, but the memory will remain forever.


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