Letter to your friend inviting him to spend a few days with you during the summer vacation – Paragraph Area

A letter to your friend inviting him/her to spend a few days with you during the summer vacation.

Nafiza Rahman

Binodpur, Magura

August 23, 2015

My dear Nusrat

At the start of the letter, take my cordial love. Hope that you simply are well by the grace of all mighty Allah. I’m also well by the grace of Allah. A Sweet note from you has just anchored to the shore of my heart. I came to grasp from your letter that the summer vacation of your school is beginning soon. So I invite you to come back to our village home to spend the holiday. My parents are going to be happy to seek out you in our midst at this point. we’ve many mango trees in our village. you may get lots of mangoes, Jackfruits, and pineapples during this time. Please include your younger brother. Best wishes to you and everyone.

No more today. More after we shall meet you.

You’re ever,

Nafiza Rahman


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