Best Short Stories In English You Should Read 2021 – Paragraph Area

Stories in English

 All those stories are always strong with a message of morality in them. In fact, every human being wants to hear wonderful stories so that they can find inspiration from those stories.

These stories are told in a very short and basic way so that everyone can learn something from these stories. In fact, there are some stories that you may have heard once or read in your class book. However, the message of power remains the same.

Everyone likes to read short stories. It has a lot to learn from the short stories. You will find inspiration in each of our stories.

1. Stephen King

This name is famous as the most famous author in the world. However, he faced several misfortunes and failures during his lifetime. I spent his childhood in the darkness of poverty with the added misfortune of being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Eventually, however, he continued to focus on hobbies based on his writing and developed several new writing styles besides new copywriting methods, which he took up as a profession.

2. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players in the history of the sports world. He was a small-height boy early in childhood, which is why he was often left out of the selection process.

After growing up and playing like a basketball player, he failed to hit over nine thousand shots and lost over three hundred games. He read a lot of disappointments, but because of his dedication and perseverance, he moved towards success.


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