The most Educative story of “A Wise Judge”

All those stories are always strong with a message of morality in them. In fact, every human being wants to hear wonderful stories so that they can find inspiration from the story “A Wise Judge“.

These stories are told in a very short an.d basic way so that everyone can learn something special from these stories. In fact, there are some stories that you may have heard once or read in your class book.

                  “A Wise Judge”

Once a golden ornament was lost from a rich man’s house. Some servants worked in the house. Usually, it was guessed that any one of the servants had stolen the ornament. The rich man asked all of them but they did not disclose their guilt….

So the rich man complained to a judge. The judge was very intelligent. He called all the servants but they denied the charge. Then the judge hit upon a plan that he detect the real thief. After that he gave each of them a stick of the same length. Then he told them to submit the sticks the next day and he told them that the stick of the real thief would increase by an inch of the length.

By returning home, each of the servants kept their sticks as they were except the servant who stole the ornament. The real thief shortened his stick by an inch. The next day when all servants submitted their sticks before the judge, the real thief was easily detected by his stick length. Then the thief was given his due punishment.

Note: From the story we learn a lesson of wise judgement. So every judge should have the intelligent idea of his judgement arena.

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