School magazine Paragraph

School magazine

School magazine means a magazine which is published in a school every year. Students, teachers of the school jointly publish a school magazine. School magazines contain poems, essays, short stories, jokes etc. The school magazine is published with the writings of students and teachers. Publishing a school magazine is not an easy task. Usually the headmaster calls a meeting and forms the magazine committee to publish the school magazine. The Headmaster serves as the Chairman of the School Magazine Committee. Then he selects an editor from among students or teachers. The best entries are then selected for publication. Students usually pay a fee for the school magazine each year. After the texts are selected, they are sent to the printer for printing. Then a school magazine was published as a result of tireless efforts of students and teachers. The school magazine is distributed free of cost to the students. School magazine is very important for students. It develops the latent talent of students in writing. It enhances students' knowledge and develops thinking power. It inspires students to become great writers in future.

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