A Street Hawker Paragraph


A Street Hawker

A Street Hawker is a person who goes around the streets selling various goods. He is a self employed person. He is a very well-known person in the town and city. He is also seen in the village. He wears strange costumes of different colors and makes strange noises to attract the attention of his customers. His work is hard work. He carries his goods on his head, in his hand, in a bag, or in a hand-cart. He usually buys his goods at cheap prices and sells them at a good profit. His products mainly appeal to women and children. He usually sells toys, cosmetics, ribbons, ready-made clothes, utensils, sweets, fruits etc. Usually in the absence of the householder he comes to sell his goods. He uses various strategies to understand his customers. He claims that his product is the best in quality. As children are her best customers, she maintains good communication with them. Even if a street hawker works hard, he cannot earn much. He usually has very little capital and earns less. He has to support his family with great difficulty. So we should honor him for his great service.

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