A Moonlit Night Paragraph


A Moonlit

A moonlit night is a diverse gift of luminous nature. On a
full moon night, the moon appears in the sky above with its glittering expanse
of light. Moonlit night conveys exotic feelings and exhilarating joy in the
minds of nature lovers. The natural environment of moonlit night is as
beautiful, impressive as it is enjoyable. Sleep does not come in a happy bed,
but no sleeplessness is felt. It seems to accumulate under the chest, but there
is no language to express that feeling. Essentially, the magical form of
astrology paints people’s minds. The beautiful sight of moonlit night is one with
Bengali culture. Moonlit nights have a distinct variation. It is not possible
for everyone to enjoy and overlook the beauty of such a night.So the moonlit
night awakens a multidimensional perception within us. In short, the moonlit
night presents a mesmerizing and fascinating scene on Earth. Moonlit night is a
wonderful creation of Allah.

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