A Day Labor Paragraph

 A Day Labor

A day laborer is a person who is employed and paid wages on
a daily basis. He earns his living by the sweat of his head. He is healthy,
strong and robust. He lives in a slum with his family and leads a subhuman
life. He is usually engaged in agriculture or construction work. He works from
morning to evening as directed by his employer. He wakes up early in the
morning and goes out in search of work. In the evening he gets his wages. Then
he went to the market and bought necessary goods and returned home. He has
pleasure and pain. He is happy if he can earn enough. If he can’t do that, his
heart fills with pain. The life of a day laborer is indeed full of hardships.
He often works in a very bad working environment. Sometimes he has to do risky
work. But he is not properly remunerated for such work. Sometimes the day
laborer has to work in very bad weather. If he doesn’t get a job, he has to
keep his family without food. When he falls ill, he and his family suffer great
misfortune. It is true that a day laborer renders an important service to the
society. He contributes a lot to the development of a country. So we should
show due respect to a day laborer.

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