Reasons of Flood In Sylhet

Rains & Hill Slops

In the first week of May-2022 there some heavy rain in sylhet. But the very next week result of the rain has become case the hill slope. The 11th May the hill that restricted the water of the Surma river has broken. However, the water level in the Surma River, which flows through the interior of the district, has dropped slightly on Thursday (May 19).

 So result of this hill slopes the big amount of
water waves the villeges, schools, city,mosque everything in front of that
area.About 550+ km road has become totally under the deep water waves. Mximum
People have affected by the flood. No shelter hasn’t  rest of the people.


Of The Flood

According to the district administration, 1421 hectares
of paddy seedbed and 1334 hectares of summer vegetabes have been submereged in
Sylhet district. Ponds and reservoirs in the flood –hit arears have been
flooded and a large number of fish have been washed away.
floods have completely inundated 55 unions in Sylhet district and partially in
15 unions. And 1301 hectares of Aus paddy seedbed and 1804 hectares of Boro
crop and 1004 hectares of summer vegetables have been submerged. The damage was
exacerbated by the deteriorating flood situation on Thursday.

Besides, 640 educational institutions including primary
school, secondary high school, colleges and madrasas have been affected by the
floods. Most of the flood effected institution are remain closed. So there is a
big affection for the students.


Difficulty Has Faced by The Affected People?

System Problem

The power
system of sylhet has been disrupted by the floods. Power sub station in severel
areas, including sought Surma river have been submerged. As a result power sply
of this areas  Has been cut off since the

Power supply to most areas of Kanaighat, Jaintapur,Sadar, and Fenchug upajilla
has been cut off. Due to rising water level in the houses.

In addition
to submerging houses in the water, the lack of electricity has further
aggravated the suffering of the people. Along with power outages , mobile phone
network and internet services has also been disrupted in sylhet. All in all the
suffering of the flood-affected people has increased.


Outbreak Appearance In Education

educational institution was closed for a long time due to Karona. After a few
days of class, the Eid holiday begins. As soon as the educational institution
was opened at the end of that holiday, the educational activities were
disrupted due to the flood in Sylhet.At least 500 educational institutions in
Sylhet have been submerged in the flood waters. Besides, shelters have been
opened in more than two hundred educational institutions. As a result, teaching
activities are closed in about 600 educational institutions of Sylhet district.
The concerned people are fearing that the students will face a big loss in

Primary Education Officer Shakhawat Ershed said teaching was closed in the
flooded schools. There is a fear that more schools will be flooded due to
rising water.Meanwhile, sources in the secondary education officer’s office
said that about 150 secondary schools and madrasas in the district have been
flooded. Teaching is closed in these.


Can It Solve?

To handle the situation, 264 shelters have been set up in Sylhet district. 6 of them are being used. About six and a half thousand people have taken shelter in these shelters. A large number of cattle are also facing food crisis in the flood waters. Besides, the farmers have not been able to dry the threshed paddy due to lack of sunshine for the last one week. Due to inability to dry the paddy, the ripe paddy is rotting.
Local administrations, various government departments and people’s representatives are working with the people to deal with the flood disaster.

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