How to make your wife happy when she is angry.

How to handle your Dearest Being Angry.

Here are ten ways to vent your anger

Anger often takes us away from our loved ones, so we should always know the reason why someone is angry with us, and take away that anger or resentment and strengthen the relationship again. Anger that has been frozen for a long time gradually takes on a larger size and cracks about it, and it also hurts our minds when loved ones are angry. So anger or pride should be removed as soon as possible. We want to break the anger of our loved ones, but many times trying to get rid of the anger is not effective, there are some ways to get rid of the anger of the loved ones which can easily remove the pride of the loved ones.

1. Small gift

Gifts make us feel good, and if it is received from a loved one, then there is no question, but yes a gift means that it will always be expensive, then the one who is being given will like it, but no, many little things are also pleasing to people. Gives, and the person who is angry with you, you can give him to get rid of his anger, flowers, chocolates or bangles, or watches, sometimes many expensive things can not make us happy and many times many small things in our minds are endless happy many memories. Makes.

2. Photoframe

If your loved one is angry, give him a picture of you, tie it in a beautiful photo frame or show it to him on the wall. If you can get a picture, take a picture with which you have a lot of happy moments, he will not be angry with you anymore.

3. Give the card –

Your loved one is angry, you want to break his anger but he is not listening to you. Write with a color pen and give it to your loved one. You will see that your loved one can no longer be angry.

4. Cook and feed with your own hands

We all love to eat, and if it is cooked by the hands of a close person, then there is no point in making a dish of one’s choice for the one who is arrogant and must pay attention to the serving, decorate it nicely and let him eat that food, his face is bound to smile. You can try any sweet so that the sweet smile on the face of the loved one is angry. Arrange a candlelight dinner if possible with the food you make, and then watch the anger melt away.

 5. Sing –

One of the strategies to break the anger of your loved one is to sing it to him, if your singing voice is good he will be fascinated and if your singing voice is not good then sing it too, don’t break the anger, he will just laugh at your efforts. Break the anger of your favorite singer or singer, or your favorite movie song.

6. Praise her –

The person who is arrogant must have some reason behind his arrogance, maybe the mistake is his or yours, but when his happiness is more important then don’t blame the other person for the mistake but accept it if it is your own mistake and accept his mistake. Explain, and highlight his good points while explaining. Praise his good deeds, and good habits. You will see that his anger has decreased.

7. Give time to loved ones

The most important thing in life is time, which you can’t catch, but he will be involved in all the good and bad things in your life, time is the most precious thing, so give time to your loved one, you will see that the relationship will be much stronger. If your loved one is arrogant, give him time, talk to him, watch movies, play games, and watch his anger go away. In a busy life, we often do not have enough time for our loved ones due to work pressure, which leads to misunderstandings, anger, and pride. So give him time to calm down.

8. Let him know how important he is to you –

Explain to your loved one how important they are in your life, let him or her know that he or she is very dear to you, that he or she will never feel that you are busy with everything else, so explain to him or her your importance in your life to break the anger of your loved one.

9. Take a tour –

Not always far away, there are many places around us surrounded by the amazing beauty of nature, take a haughty loved one for a walk somewhere, you can take him to a restaurant or see a movie, on a long drive or to a nearby sightseeing place. As soon as her mind gets better, you will see that his pride is also gone.

10. Take a selfie-

Nowadays, everyone from young to old is familiar with one thing, yes, they have taken selfies. Nowadays most people want to capture the small moments of life on the phone, so they take a lot of selfies at once. So if your loved one is angry, take a selfie with him, he will laugh when he sees the picture of his angry face. This selfie will be a witness to your pride.

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