Write a letter to your friend about the importance of communicative English – Paragraph Area

Write a letter to your friend about the importance of communicative English.

Soumya Rahman


Dhaka Cantt.Dhaka-1206

My dear Nusrat

Your letter of the 5th instant into the hand. In your letter, you wrote about communicative English. within the letter, you’ve got asked me to write down about the benefits of it. Now I’m writing about it. Communicative English could be a newly introduced English learning method through which one can communicate with others easily. Actually, it’s the aim of any language. the strategy has some advantages. within the communicative method at dents, understanding power is often tested quite the previous method. When a student fails to know seen or unseen comprehension, he is going to be unable to answer the question that follows. A student must fill within the gaps of the cloze procedure from his understanding taking the word from his vocabulary. within the previous course, we got the letters and applications by memory. But in communicative English, their situations don’t seem to be common. While writing we’ve to feature something. It increases our creative power. It encourages us to write down freehand. during a true sense, it’s the final word goal of any acquisition. that the importance of communicative English can never be denied.

No more today. Meet when our meeting is held again. With best regards to your parents and like to you and everyone. hoping to own some lines from you back.

Yours ever

Soumya Rahman


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