Write an application for increasing common room facilities.

 Write an application for increasing common room facilities.

11 July 2021

The Headmaster

Barishal Cadet College,


Subject: prayer for increasing common room facilities.


We, the students of your school, beg to draw your kind attention to the following fact that the number of students of our school has increased considerably this year. But our common room is not spacious and well furnished. Besides, it does not provide much scope of enjoyment and entertainment. We cannot enjoy our off-period for want of indoor sports materials such as carom, chess, table tennis. We have no computer with an internment facility. So, we are deprived of all these things.

Under the above circumstances, we hope that you would be kind enough to increase common room facilities.

Yours faithfully,


Class: 10, Roll No: 01

On behalf of the students of your school


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