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My Favorite Subject


Ever since I used to be a pre-primary student, I loved drawing. I just loved drawing various things and coloring them. I always looked forward to the drawing class in class. It had been my favorite part of the day. I also indulged in drawing as I came back from school. My parents bought me different colors including pencil colors, crayons, and watercolors.

My Love for Drawing

It was actually my mother who encouraged me to draw and color. She tried to try, too, so to distract me from watching television as she indulged in tasks. However, drawing eventually best promoted became my favorite subject. I attempted to draw different sceneries and other stuff and colored them diligently. My mother soon enrolled me in drawing classes to hone my skills. I learned to draw lots of the latest things in my drawing class. My drawing teacher also taught me different coloring techniques. It had been quite fun. I visited the drawing class, colored for pretty much two years regularly. Even now that I'm in V standard, I still join art and craft classes during my vacations. I've got also learned to sketch and glass painting Colored.

Environmental Studies–Another Favorite Subject

As they promoted me to straightforward I, few new subjects were introduced, and therefore the environmental study was one amongst them. But drawing, I also love environmental studies. This can be because it gives knowledge about such an enormous amount of things happening around us. We find out about plants, animals, air, water then far more through this subject. The facts learned during this subject will be applied in the real world, which is what I prefer foremost about it. We also require drawing diagrams during this subject, and this can be also the explanation it's one of every one of my favorite subjects.


While drawing is my favorite subject, environmental studies comes an in-depth second. Both the topics are near my heart and that I can never get bored practicing any of those.


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