Application to the Principal for Setting up a Canteen on the College Campus

 20 February 2021

The principal

Barishal Cadet College


Subject: Prayer for setting up a canteen on the college campus.

Dear Sir,

We have the honor to state that our college is one of the best colleges in our Barishal city. Students come to this college from different distant places. So, they have to leave their residences early. They have to stay quite a long time at college. To pass this long time, we need a good tiffin. But for want of a canteen, they have to take tiffin from roadside restaurants. It is both costly and unhygienic. Moreover, these restaurants are the haunts of antisocial people. So, the girls’ students cannot go there to take tiffin. Setting up a canteen will go along to meet our needs.

We, therefore, pray that you would be kind enough to make the necessary steps to set up a canteen on our college campus to remove the suffering of the student.

We remain,


The students of

Barishal Cadet College



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