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A Poor Young Boy and The Dog

A few days ago, I landed at the Bombay Airport (India) and took a cab to my scheduled destination in South Bombay.

I was enjoying the busy traffic with people rushing in every direction, then we got stranded at an awfully busy intersection.

As we waited for the signal to show green, my eyes met up with a poor young boy, about 12 years old. He removed a bit of bread from his pocket and took a bite.

As he was near to take his next bite, a stray dog wagged his tail, viewing him. Without hesitation, he sat down and put the bread on the road for the dog to eat.

The dog sniffed the bread and walked away. The boy waited until he was sure the dog was gone, then he picked up the bread and ate it!

My heart cried and wanted to run-up to the boy, but before I could open the door, the signal turned Green and our car drove away. I kept pondering the boy and later during my evening meal I spotted I used to be thinking of approaching the boy but never did, I could have stopped the car and walked up to him which again I never did.

All I did was “thinking” and this poor little boy who had only 1 piece of bread with no hesitation sharing it with the dog, though he himself gave the impression to starve.

I learned the most important lessons in my life, which that boy taught me without a conversation. He taught me to share amorously and happiness. I’m so blessed to possess learned this beautiful lesson from my ‘little unknown master’. It’s my moral duty to share this incident with all my friends across the world and be endued with happiness.

Thank you, friends, for creating this world an exquisite place to dwell.


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